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At FirstKey, we are committed to being a people-first company. We want to bring you the savings when purchasing items from Home Depot while providing you convenience and value.

Rapid Pass was created to work in conjunction with your ProXtra benefits, and should be used in unison, for each transaction. A price adjustment will reflect on merchandise that ProXtra does not provide a direct benefit, if that product is in the subclass that was agreed upon with FirstKey and Home Depot. It will not in any way affect your ProXtra pricing or benefits gained by using both programs.

Through the FirstKey Rapid Pass Program, you will have access to special preferred pricing with consistent discounts and no minimum purchases required. Download the Rapid Pass app which is compatible for iOS and Android and register online. This program saves you time with one process, one pricing structure at all Home Deport locations while saving all your purchase orders in one app.

Take Adantage of Rapid Pass For: 

  • Fast and easy access to top-tier discounts 

  • Applied purchases towards ProXtra

  • Purchases with no required minimum

  • Tracking of all purchases at 2,000+ Home Depot Locations

Home Depot Pro Loyalty Programs Comparison Guide


Rapid Pass

ProXtra PPP

VPP-Volume Pricing

Minimum Purchase Required

No, will not apply to products impacted by another programs pricing

No, tiered Pricing based on purchase history of
6 months or more

Yes, $1.5K per Managed Acct. & $2K- Pro Acct per quote, finalized by Pro Desk

Use with all Pro Programs

Yes, covers the majority of product, but is not stackable with PPP & VPP reductions

Yes, will not apply to products impacted by another programs pricing

Yes, will not apply to products impacted by another programs pricing

Product Selection

No, will not reduce Special Orders or “Online Only” merchandise. For use In Store only

Yes, will not apply to products impacted by another programs pricing

No, will not stack to merchandise pricing impacted by another program

Usage Limit on Programs

No, rapid Pass is not available for Online transactions at present

Yes, can be used online and in-store with registered phone number or virtual ID

No, requires In-Store Transaction with Pro Services Desk

In-Store and HomeDepot.com

No, barcode can be generated every transaction for job address and should be
used for every purchase

No, ProXtra should be used every transaction for all goods purchased

No, minimum spend must be met on each transaction

Registration Required

Yes, Contractors will
be sent Activation & Installation Information

Yes, registration required online or In-Store

Yes, proXtra Membership is required for our Volume Pricing Program


NOTE: Rapid Pass and ProXtra Preferred Pricing Programs should be used at each transaction to gain the full benefits of both programs!

Rapid Pass FAQs

Does FirstKey Homes require that I use RapidPass?

There is not requirement but all service providers are encouraged to use Rapid Pass and usage of our National Account Programs.

Does Rapid Pass affect my Pro Xtra account or other discount programs?

No. Purchases made on Rapid Pass still give you credit to your Pro Xtra account. Rapid Pass is the highest tier of discount programs within Home Depot and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

How long is the coupon generated by Rapid Pass good for?

The coupon displayed can only be used once.

Can I use Rapid Pass Online?

No, Rapid Pass is for in-store purchases only.

Rapid Pass Contacts and Resources

General questions: RapidPass_Support@homedepot.com

Home Depopt National Account Manager for FirstKey Homes:

Joseph W Gilkey | joseph_w_gilkey@homedepot.com | 678.431.7072

Technical Support: RapidPass_Support@homedepot.com 

Resources: Rapid Pass and RenoWalk help via Keypernet

Rapid Pass Download Guide

You can review the Home Depot Rapid Pass Installation Guides in English and Spanish attached to this article.

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