Criminal History

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Each Applicant is subject to a criminal background check.

Criminal background screening is broken into the following categories:

  1. Crimes Against Persons
  2. Property
  3. Society

Criminal histories presented through applicant screening reports pertaining to weapons, drugs, violence, or any other act that poses a threat to household, neighborhood, service providers, FirstKey employees, or the physical property itself, may result in a denial. Criminal history will be assessed on the risk to persons or property by an Applicant including but not limited to the type of crime; the severity of the crime; circumstance of the crime; and the length of time since the crime occurred.

Denied Applicants may dispute any wrongful record claims by contacting CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions and following the process as outlined in their action letter and CoreLogic.

Criminal background screening is also governed by federal, state, or local laws that regulate FirstKey’s screening processes.

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