Income Requirements

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Combined household income must be equal, but not limited to a minimum of three (3.0) times the monthly rent.

If a household has more than three (3) Applicants, Landlord will use only the 3 highest qualified incomes in calculating the combined household income.

Applicants that do not meet credit scoring criteria will not be counted towards income qualification.


Monthly Rent = $1,000.00

Minimum Combined Monthly

Gross Household Income = $3,000

*We consider many factors when evaluating applicant’s ability to pay rent. The example above is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee that you will be approved.

Employment: Applicants that are employed will be asked to provide proof of income for the past four (4) consecutive weeks unless otherwise advised by a representative of FirstKey homes Additional Income Sources: Social Security, Child Support, Disability, Retirement, and Bank Statements are accepted. 

  • All income should be verified and evidenced by the source of income. If income is not verifiable, FirstKey Homes may request additional information for verification
  • Job Transfer/New Role: Applicants with an offer of employment or transfer of role from their existing employer is required to provide an Offer Letter and/or Transfer Letter on employer letterhead confirming terms of compensation and start date. The letter should be signed and dated by the offeror.

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