Resident Standards of Care and Resources

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

FirstKey Homes proudly serves its residents who call our homes their own.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values illustrate our commitment to you as a resident. 

  • MISSION: We give our family of residents a place to call home.
  • VISION: To proudly serve the family of residents making our homes their own and build communities one caring experience at a time.
  • VALUES: Integrity, Kindness, Inclusion, Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability

As a company comprised of caring and compassionate professionals, we come to work each day with an unwavering commitment to serve our residents with respect, empathy, and dignity as a leader in the industry.  FirstKey Homes continuously seeks to deliver resident value and quality experiences. We staff our local offices with dedicated teams of leasing, property management, and service professionals.

As a resident of FirstKey Homes, you have rights we respect, recognize, and honor. Consistent with our commitment to transparency and thoroughness, your rights and protections are clearly presented in your lease and supporting documents. We have also summarized these commitments below for your convenience and additional visibility as a member of our family of residents.  While we hope this document is helpful to you, it is for informational purposes only and does not supersede the Lease Agreement.

You can view or download the FirstKey Homes Resident Standards of Care and Resources PDF using the link below.

This document is for informational purposes only and does not supersede or modify your Lease Agreement. It provides a general overview of standards of care and related resources of FirstKey Homes Residents and is not intended to provide legal advice by either the Property Owner or FirstKey Homes, as the Property Manager, and does not modify or change the terms of the Lease Agreement.

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