Pre-Leasing with FirstKey Homes is Easy!

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FirstKey Homes offers a wide selection of homes for rent that are currently occupied or are being prepared by our construction teams for the next resident. Through our pre-leasing program, you can reserve a “coming soon” or “available soon” home by paying a refundable Hold Fee. (“Coming soon” means that a home is currently occupied but will be for lease soon. “Available soon” means that we are currently making final preparations for this home to be available.)

Our pre-leasing program is detailed below; please contact your FirstKey Homes leasing representative for assistance and if you have any questions.

We make pre-leasing the right home for you easy and convenient:

  1. Locate a home that meets your needs and timeline (see our step-by-step guide to locating a “coming soon” or “available soon” home below).
    • Note that self-touring will not be available until FirstKey Homes prepares the home to be leased.
  2. Apply for the home.
  3. Once your application is approved, complete a Hold Fee Agreement. FirstKey homes will remove the home from the market, reserving it for your upcoming move-in. To ensure your home is reserved, please complete the Hold Fee Agreement within 24 hours of application approval.
  4. Pay the refundable $500 Hold Fee within 24 hours of signing the Hold Fee Agreement.
    • Note that the Hold Fee is refundable if FirstKey Homes doesn’t provide the home within the agreed timeframe listed in the Hold Fee Agreement; applicant has the option to extend to the new estimated ready date but also has the option to exit the agreement and receive a refund of the full $500 within 30 days of termination of agreement.
    • Hold Fee is refundable if the home is declined by the applicant after touring the home at ready date (see more information below).
    • Hold Fee will be applied toward move-in charges (rent, pet fee, pet rent, etc.); Security Deposit will be paid separately.
    • Hold Fee is not refundable if the applicant cancels the agreement prior to the estimated ready date outlined in the Hold Fee Agreement.
    • Hold Fee is not refundable if the applicant fails to communicate with FirstKey Homes when being notified of the home ready date and availability for tour.
  5. Once the home is ready, your FirstKey Homes Move-in Coordinator will notify you that the home is available for self-touring.
    • Move-in Coordinator will also send the Lease in the notification email to be signed if you accept the home and decide to move forward.
    • Applicant has 48 hours to visit the home, accept or decline the home – and, if accepting, to sign the Lease .
      • Security Deposit (amount will be outlined within the Lease) to be paid within 24 hours of Lease signing.
    • If you decide the home is not right for you during the tour period, you can cancel the Hold Fee Agreement and receive a full refund of the $500 Hold Fee – or, we can assist you in locating another FirstKey Homes rental and transferring your application and Hold Fee as applicable.

Finding a “coming soon”/“available soon” home with an estimated ready date that matches your desired move-in date is easy. This information will be included within the listing on our website and listings on other sites. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to navigate the FirstKey Homes website to locate the right home that meets your timeframe.

  1. On the FirstKey Homes home page, change to a “market search” and select the market you are looking for a home in:
  2. On the next landing page, select “Coming Soon” and “Available Soon”; all homes that are available for preleasing in that market will be displayed. Estimated ready dates will be listed; if not, please contact your FirstKey Homes leasing professional for details.
  3. Once you find a home that meets your needs and estimated ready date, select “Apply now” and follow the steps through the application process.
  4. Once you apply, a FirstKey Homes Move-in Coordinator will work with you through the Hold Fee Agreement steps outlined above, guiding you through each step of the way until your home is ready and you accept (or decline) it after having the opportunity to tour it.


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