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FirstKey Homes partners with you to take care of your home—We handle the big stuff, you help with the minor things—and help you love where you live. FirstKey Homes is responsible for major repairs and maintenance, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t have to, for example, pay to replace the refrigerator if it breaks. There are, however, some smaller things we ask our residents to take care of in order to keep the home in good condition.

So keep in mind that small issues around your home, as well as damage caused by neglect or misuse, may be your responsibility. (Note that if a technician is dispatched to address an issue found to be a resident responsibility, it may result in a fee/charge-back to your account plus additional service charges.)

And although we love them, please remember to keep your pets away from service areas.

You will be responsible for the general upkeep of the property and for minimizing dangerous conditions at the home, including the following:


  • Promptly dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles.

HVAC Filters

  • Supply and change heating and air conditioning filters at least once every three (3) months. We recommend monthly for best HVAC performance.


  • For any gas-related concerns, find the gas shut-off and turn to the off position, then call your gas company immediately.

Light Bulbs & Batteries

  • Supply and replace all light bulbs; fluorescent tubes; and batteries for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, garage-door openers, ceiling fan remotes and other devices. Test devices monthly.

Plumbing / Clogs

  • Repair all clogged drains and toilets, except when caused by roots or breakdown not caused by resident.
  • Keep your toilets and drains clear. Do not put items other than toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Repair toilets by adjusting or replacing the inner components in your toilets.
  • Clear hair and other debris from drains and use chemicals to loosen clogs.


  • Repair damage to the premises due to break-in, vandalism, or the fault of resident or occupant or resident’s or occupant’s guests or invitees.
  • Replace any lost or displaced keys.
  • Repair or replace mailboxes and pay for the community or group mailbox key(s).
  • Routine maintenance of garage door.
  • Routine maintenance of refrigerator.


  • Winterize the premises (e.g., maintain minimum levels of heat to prevent freezing of water pipes and outdoor spigots, wrapping of outside water main in winter, removal of snow accumulations, removal of ice from front of premises.
  • If the outside temperature is below 50 degrees F, keep cabinets open, drip indoor faucets, ensure garden/yard hoses are disconnected, and keep heat set to a minimum of 65 degrees F.


  • Repair or replace sprinkler heads and above-ground irrigation.

Pest Control

  • Periodic, preventative, or additional pest control or extermination services desired by resident, including bed bugs, fleas, ticks, scorpions, ants, etc. – excluding termites and carpenter ants.


  • Maintain landscaping, to include watering, mowing, weeding, trimming of bushes and trees below 8 feet, blowing/raking leaves, and exterior power-washing.
  • Replace sprinkler heads and above-ground irrigation.
  • Clean debris and leaves from gutters and around the exterior of the home.
    (Note: You should not get on your home's roof to clean gutters.)

Preventative Maintenance

  • Keep the air flowing by supplying and changing heating/air filters once a month.
    • Review how to Change Your Air Filter.
  • Brighten up your home by supplying and replacing all light bulbs as needed.
  • Keep your home safe by regularly supplying and replacing batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


  • Maintain active utilities in your home including electricity service, water and sewer services, trash service, and gas (not all homes require gas service).
    Note: These will be set up automatically by FirstKey Homes and managed by YES Utilities. Statements will be provided by email and will also be visible on the Resident Portal. Statement and payment dates may vary by market; contact YES Energy Management at 833.363.7963 for details.
  • The resident is responsible for the cost of utility usage at home during the lease term.

The information provided here is for reference and illustrative purposes only; this information does not modify your Lease Agreement or alter your obligations per your Lease Agreement. You should consult your own Lease Agreement for specific terms and responsibilities regarding maintenance. This information does not extend or limit any warranties made per your Lease Agreement or as required by any law.

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