Code of Business Ethics (COBE)

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FirstKey Homes is a leader in the single-family rental industry. Our business is to acquire, renovate, and manage single-family homes across the country that thousands of Americans can call home. We are committed to consistently providing a high-quality home with excellent customer service and best-in-class maintenance. It matters to us that the homes we renovate and lease help stabilize communities and improve the quality of living for renters across America.

We all want to Do What’s Right for ourselves, our company and the world around us. Ethical dilemmas can occur at work every day. When you are unsure of whether an action is okay to take, you can consult our Code of Business Ethics (COBE) to help you make the right choice. The COBE contains valuable guidance and resources on the laws, regulations and company policies that affect our business and help guide you in knowing what is appropriate when it comes to Integrity in the workplace.

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