Move-In Inspection

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When you log into the FirstKey Self-Service Portal, you will find various self-service features. Look for the move-in inspection tile in the Services section.

You will receive email reminders prompting you to complete the Move-In Inspection within four days of moving in. 

Starting a New Inspection


By selecting the Move-In Inspection tile, you can review the Move-In Condition Report prepared by FirstKey Homes. Once you acknowledge receipt of the report, you can proceed with your Move-In Inspection.

Selecting a Location


To start the inspection, choose a section of the home. Each location within the home provides specific areas to help you complete the inspection. Next to each area, a camera icon shows the number of photos already added for that specific area.

Adding Photos to An Area


It's recommended to document all areas. Make sure to add captions to photos to explain the subject of the image. These captions will provide context and assist in a more precise assessment when reviewing the inspection photos during move-out.

Adding Captions to a Photo


Before submitting the move-in inspection, you can review each image added and revise the caption if necessary. Click on the photo to update the caption or delete the image.

Reviewing Uploaded Photos


If needed, you can choose to add more photos to the move-in inspection at a later time. When returning to the Move-In Inspection tile after exiting, you can continue the inspection. A warning message will alert you if the submission deadline for the inspection is approaching.

Submitting an Inspection


Please note that the move-in inspection can only be submitted once. After submission, both the FirstKey Homes Condition Report and the Resident Move-In Inspection will remain accessible throughout your occupancy of the home. You also have the option to download the inspection.


Inspection Window

If you haven't submitted the report within four days of your lease start date, you will receive a notification indicating that the deadline for submitting the resident move-in inspection has passed. After this, only the FirstKey Homes Condition Report will be accessible.


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