FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS) FAQ for Residents

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FirstKey Homes is committed to giving our family of residents a place to call home and a great resident experience. As part of this, to improve the way we handle maintenance requests from you, we’ve developed a new online system — FirstKey Maintenance System, or FMS — that upgrades the way maintenance requests are submitted and managed. In short, FMS will make submitting and tracking maintenance requests more efficient, and you’ll even be able to schedule your own maintenance appointments.

Please see more details below. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you better and hope that FirstKey Maintenance System improves your resident experience like we expect it will.

What’s changing and why?

FirstKey Homes has launched a new service called FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS) to handle your maintenance requests in a more timely, convenient, and efficient way. Instead of submitting maintenance requests online through the Resident Portal or FirstKey Homes mobile app like you may have done in the past, you’ll use this new online system – FirstKey Maintenance System – to do so. 

How is FirstKey Maintenance System different from the old system?

FMS is a browser-based system – think of it as a website – much like the online Resident Portal but with more features to better manage your maintenance concerns and requests. With FMS, you’ll be able to do the following – all online, at your convenience, 24/7:

  • Diagnose maintenance concerns
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment when necessary
  • Check the status of your maintenance requests.

And remember, FMS has been built exclusively for FirstKey Homes residents to be efficient, convenient, and user-friendly.

How do I use FirstKey Maintenance System? Is it difficult to learn or figure out?

Using FirstKey Maintenance System is easy! FMS is simply a new online service that you’ll access through a link or website address (URL), much like you’ve done with the online Resident Portal in the past. Simply use a browser on your smartphone, computer, or tablet (or any similar internet-connected device) to submit – and see the status of – your maintenance requests.

The system itself is very easy to navigate. When you’re submitting a maintenance request, FMS will walk you through a series of questions to help us pinpoint your concern and potentially even help you resolve the concern without having to schedule a maintenance appointment. If the concern does require us to send a technician to your home, you’ll have the ability to schedule an appointment online yourself, for a time that works best for you, without having to schedule separately by phone.

For a detailed guide on how to use FMS, please see our “how-to” page.

Note: Before using FirstKey Maintenance System, you’ll need to create an FMS account, like you’ve done for the current resident portal and/or mobile app (if you use either). Your online portal username and password will not log you in to FMS automatically, but you may use the same credentials when creating your FMS account. You’ll log in to FMS separately, as it’s not directly connected to your portal/app account.

Will I still be able to call FirstKey Homes to submit or track maintenance requests?

Yes, our Maintenance Call Center will still be available at 844.395.3959; however, it’s worth noting that our call center agents use the exact same FirstKey Maintenance System to diagnose/report your maintenance concerns and schedule maintenance appointments as needed. So, really, using FMS is just as easy, if not easier, than making a call.

Is anything else changing? Will I still be able to use the Resident Portal or mobile app to make payments online?

FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS) relates to maintenance requests and appointments only, so that’s the only aspect of your resident experience that will change. For example, you will still be able to make online payments through the Resident Portal and the FirstKey Homes mobile app. Also, if you sign a new lease with FirstKey Homes, that process will still happen through the current online Resident Portal.

Is there/will there be a FirstKey Maintenance System mobile app?

FirstKey Maintenance System is a browser-based system and does not have a separate app; however, FMS was designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices like smartphones as well as desktop computers, for example. The FirstKey Homes mobile app will still be functional and available, for information and to make online payments.

Whom do I contact with further questions?

Please be sure to check back often, as we will continue to update this FAQ as more information becomes available. If you still have a question, please call us at 844.395.3959.

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