Home Depot Rapid Pass


Rapid Pass is a mobile discount application that provides special discounts on all in-store purchases. FirstKey Homes has established a Rapid Pass National Account with Home Depot, therefore can offer the application to our entire contractor network. Discounts up to 25% will be applied at the point of sale during your in-store transaction. Don’t miss out on these savings. Rapid Pass download instructions are available for Apple and Android Users in English and Spanish.

Rapid Pass FAQs:

Does FirstKey Homes require that I use RapidPass?
There is not requirement but all vendors are encouraged to use Rapid Pass and usage of our National Account Programs.

Does Rapid Pass affect my Pro Xtra account or other discount programs?
No. Purchases made on Rapid Pass still give you credit to your Pro Xtra account. Rapid Pass is the highest tier of discount programs within Home Depot and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

How long is the coupon generated by Rapid Pass good for?
The coupon displayed can only be used once.

Can I use Rapid Pass Online?
No, Rapid Pass is for in-store purchases only.