Maintenance Emergencies


We’re committed to taking care of major service and maintenance issues outside of the items listed as your responsibilities above. Our 24-hour maintenance call center team is on standby to assist with emergencies or schedule your service request accordingly at 844.395.3959.

We will dispatch a technician or vendor immediately (weather and travel conditions permitting) for the following:

  • Fire

  • Active flood

  • Home not secure (external doors, locks, windows broken or not functioning)

  • Other life or safety events

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  • Dekalb Co. came out to change over the water meter & found that its been leaking (from the house side not the citiy side) my weater bill has been sky high & it needs to be fixed. I have Turbo Rooter coming out tomorrow morning for blocked pipes in the house, maybe they can take care of this problem too.

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