Completing an Application


All required fields will have a red asterisk and must be completed to process your application (*).

Note: If you do not have a middle name, select the option



Continue to the Address Information section and complete.

*Note: If you have only lived at one address, copy current address information into the required fields in the Previous Address Section.


Scroll to Employer Information. Previous employer information is optional. You may add additional income source if you please.

Note: Employer information is required. If you are unemployed, the fields that require information must still be completed.


Scroll to Screening Information section and complete.

Government Issued Identification Number can be either your ID Card or Driver’s License Number.

You are advised again to read the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that your credit, rental, and criminal history will be pulled for screening purposes. By submitting this application, you verify that the statements provided in this application are true and correct and you agree to be screened after payment of application fees.

Note: A Date of Birth and Social Security Number are required. If you do not have a social security number, select option “NO” and this will make the SSN field an option.


Enter Pet, Vehicle, and Emergency Contact information.

Please be aware of limits on pets and vehicles; this is not subject to any additional HOAs CC&Rs or jurisdiction bylaws that may take precedent over FirstKey Homes Policy.


Click Save & Continue to proceed. If you’ve missed any required fields, you will have to enter those before proceeding.



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