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FirstKey is excited to announce a new paint partnership with PPG and The Home Depot®. PPG and FirstKey Homes have collaborated on a selection of high-quality products and appealing colors required to be used in all homes. Adhering to the established paint specification will streamline our processes and ensure the consistency and quality of all FirstKey Homes and renovation projects.

Please contact your local FirstKey Homes contact or the PPG contacts listed if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to quality.

Ray Khan
Corporate Account Manager
813.326.3710 | Raymond.Khan@ppg.com

Specified Product Assortment and Pricing

PPG and The Home Depot have partnered with First Key Homes to offer a full selection of products to meet our internal and external crews’ needs, performance characteristics, and competitive pricing.

This pricing can be unlocked using the Rapid Pass Coupon at the register during every transaction to ensure the maximum discount is received and correct product usage is recorded.

FirstKey Homes National Paint Specification and Easy Ordering instructions

How to order paint at the Home Depot

  • Walk up to The Home Depot desk and tell them you want to order paint with the color name FirstKey Homes.
  • When asked for a phone number, tell them to proceed without saving.
  • When asked for a color name, tell them the order number with the product, sheen, and color you want.
    • Must use FKH colors for interior paint for Walls and interior paint for Trim.

How to order paint at the Home Depot

Use the “Easy Order SKU” for these products:

  • Interior Paint for Walls( Color FKH Grey)
  • Interior Paint for Trim (Color FKH White)

Provide a sample to be color matched for these products:

  • Exterior Paint for Walls
  • Exterior Paint for Trim
  • Exterior Porch and Decking
  • Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use paint from a different manufacturer like Sherwin-Williams?

No, First Key Homes have partnered with PPG and The Home Depot to provide a selection of specified products that meet everyone’s budget and performance needs. PPG/Glidden Paint at The Home Depot is the only approved paint brand and manufacturer that should be used with FirstKey Homes.

Can I purchase from a PPG Paint store?

No, PPG/Glidden paint at The Home Depot is the only approved vendor.

Which Paint color should I use?

FirstKey Homes have selected and created custom colors for its homes. These colors can be found below. All you have to do is find the correct color and product you want to use on the list and provide The Home Depot associate the number.

How can I take advantage of FirstKey Homes pre-negotiated discount pricing on point?

To receive the First Key Homes pre-negotiated discount pricing, The Home Depot Rapid Pass App must be used to ensure accurate tracking.

What services does PPG offer to help me paint FirstKey Homes houses faster and more efficiently?

PPG offers the below services for all internal and external First Key Homes crews.
Assistance tinting your paint and getting the right color

  • Call ahead order assistance / have your order ready at The Home Depot
  • Order processing assistance / Phone Sales
  • Free job site delivery on orders of 24 or more gallons
  • Onsite technical support and product recommendations
  • Local PPG rep to answer any questions and support your needs

PPG Paint Guide - Interior





Walls: Glidden Interior Essentials Eggshell

Model#: GLE2011-05

Color: FKH Grey

$12.79 per Gallon


Walls Option 2: Glidden Premium Interior Eggshell

Model#: GLN 6011-05

Color: FKH Grey

Easy Order: 631122610662

$16.32 per Gallon


Trim/Door: Glidden Interior Essentials Semi Gloss

Model#: GLE3011-05

Color: FKH White

Easy Order: 631122610665

$14.39 per Gallon


Trim/Door Option 2: Glidden Premium Interior Semi-Gloss

Model#: GLN6411-05

Color: FKH White

Easy Order: 631122610666

$19.20 per Gallon


Ceiling Paint: Flat Glidden Ceiling Paint



Color: White

Ready Mix

$10.39 per Gallon


Primer: Glidden PVA Primer Sealer

Model#: GPG0000-05

Color: White

Ready Mix

$9.28* per Gallon


Cabinets: PPG- Pitt Glaze Epoxy Waterbased

Model#: 16-510

Color: White/Limited Tinted Colors

$36.35* per Gallon


Trim/Door Option 2: Speedhide Quick Dry Stain Kill Alkyd

Model#: 6-14-01

Color: White

Ready Mix

$20.77* per Gallon


PPG Scent: Fresh Air

Model#: 503-01



PPG Paint Guide - Exterior





Walls: Glidden Exterior Essentials Flat

Model#: GLE-5011N-05, GLE-5012N-05, GLE-5013N-05

Color: Any Color

$14.88* per Gallon


Walls Option 2: Glidden Exterior Essentials Satin

Model#: GLE-9011N-05, GLE-9012N-05, GLE-9013N-05

Color: Any Color

$16.58* per Gallon


Walls: Glidden Premium Exterior Satin

Model#: GL6911-05 GL6912-05, GL6913-05

Color: Any Color

$23.20* per Gallon


Trim: Glidden Exterior Essentials Semi-Gloss

Model#: GLE-7011N-05 GLE-7012N-05, GLE-7013N-05

Color: Any Color

$18.08* per Gallon


Primer: PPG Gripper Primer

Model#: 1900-0100-05

Color: White

Ready Mix

$23.52* per Gallon


Floor and Porch: PPG Floor/Porch Interior/Exterior Latex

Model#: 3-510XI, 3-515XI, 3-540XI

Color: Any Color

$27.18* per Gallon


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