Service Provider Contract Invoicing Instructions

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As part of the process improvement to provide more visibility to our service providers, and improve the efficiency of invoice processing and timeliness of payment, FirstKey Homes has implemented Job "Contracts" for all work assigned after Apr 1, 2019.

  1. As part of the new invoicing process, FirstKey Homes will assign and award each service provider a “Contract” for every approved property level job.

  2. Service providers will receive a daily summary notification email with all Contracts issued during the day.

    • In addition, Contracts will be visible real time in VENDORCafe system as we assign them throughout the day.

  3. Contract summary screen will include:
    • “Contract No.” – Automatically assigned number by FirstKey Homes

    • “Description” - Street address

    • “Original Contract Amount” – Initial job budget

    • “Change Orders” – Any changes to initial budget processed during project execution

    • “Total Orders” – Total budget + Change orders

    • “Invoiced to Contract” – Total invoiced for the project

    • “Remaining Contract” – Remainder of the Contract to be invoiced

    • “Date Created” – Date when Contract was issued

    • “Start Date” – Date of when job on Contract should start

    • “Sched. Completion” – Estimated completion date of the job

    • “Actual Completion” – Actual completion date of the job

  4. All the Contract detail can be easily exported to Excel or PDF document


Note: Service provider should not create/submit invoices for completed contracts until the Job has been marked complete. Service provider invoices for contracted services will not be paid until the FirstKey homes Job is marked fully complete.

Creating an Invoice in VendorCafe


Below are steps you canfollow in order to invoice FirstKey Homes for a completed Contract or for a job in progress.

Click the "Contracts" tab


A list of available Contracts will populate or you can search by “Property Name” or “Contract #”


To invoice for a contract, click the “Contract #” and select “Create Invoice” button


Input the following: 

  • Invoice No: This could be any naming convention Vendor follows
  • Invoice Desc: This could be street address, or any naming convention Vendor follows
  • Invoice Date: Invoice date should not be prior to current date
  • Invoice Total: Invoice total cannot be greater than the Contract amount. VENDORCafe will not process an invoice greater than the Contract amount. Any amount over the Contract amount will require a change order submitted to FirstKey Homes at
  • Line Item Detail: Adjust any of the pre-populated line items if there is a deviation from Contract issued amount. Each line can be adjusted if the total “Invoice Total” doesn’t exceed the “Contract Amount”.

Click “Save”


After saving, click “Add Attachment” and attach a copy of the detailed invoice


Click “Submit”


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