Partnering with FirstKey Homes - Service Provider Pre-Onboarding

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FirstKey Homes owns and operates in numerous markets across the country, with over 52,000 high-quality single-family homes (and counting!) in desirable neighborhoods. We complete three main types of work: maintenance, turns and renovations. We value our service providers and cannot provide our residents a place they’re proud to call home without you!

Next Steps for Onboarding

We need service providers in all three areas in various markets that complete various services.
To become a service provider, please click on this link provide as many details as possible.
If we have a need for your service type in a market, a member of the Vendor Management team will reach out to you and have you complete a request for information via email. This email will contain more details about your company, services, crews, capacities and other required information. Once this is completed and sent back to our team, we will review and see if you are a great fit for the market/service type we need. (We do not allow FirstKey Homes residents or employees to become a service provider with us due to conflicts of interest.)
The Vendor Management team will contact your company and begin a conversation and partnership with your business. Vendor Management will send you over to the local leadership for that market, who will also reach out to review pricing and volume of work. After a positive evaluation, we will begin onboarding!
FirstKey Homes partners with VendorCafe, which houses all information needed such as contacts, your banking information for direct deposit, Economic Diversity Classification, and insurance agent’s POC information. Once a Service Provider Service Agreement has been signed and the annual compliance fee of $89 has been paid, you will move into the insurance verification portion of the process. (This fee does not go to FirstKey Homes; it goes directly to the third-party compliance company VendorShield.) Please note that after submission, VendorShield will reach out to your agent automatically, requesting the required paperwork. It is crucial you have the correct contact information for your agent, as FirstKey Homes does not accept Certificates of Insurance (COIs) from service providers.

How VendorShield Works

VendorShield reduces risk and increases staff efficiency with an automated vendor credentialing and compliance monitoring solution. VendorShield is part of the Yardi Procure to Pay Suite.

Step One

You receive an email invitation from client 

Create your account (new user) OR Login to VendorCafe(existing user)

Step Two

Fill out your VendorCafe profile

  1. Vendor Information
  2. Service Type
  3. Category
  4. Vendor Agreement
  5. Contacts
  6. Licenses
  7. Insurance Information
  8. Compliance Payment
  9. Review & Submit

After submission, VendorShield will automatically reach out to your Insurance Agent requesting the required paperwork.

Note: Some steps above may not be applicable to your client’s profile.

Step Three

Review "VendorShield" tab for your "Compliance Status"

 Note: Some of the above compliance checks may not be applicable to your client’s profile.

  • TIN Verification
  • OFAC Verification
  • Corporate Registration Filing
  • Intelliscore
  • Financial Stability Risk Score
  • LicenseVerification
  • Economic Diversity
  • Insurance Verification

Status = Awaiting Compliance

VendorShield is waiting to receive requested documents from your Agent OR requested documents have been received and are being reviewed by a VendorShield Specialist.

(Check “Document Status” in VendorShield Tab)

Status = Compliant

You have met all client requirements

Status = Non-Compliant

You have not met all client requirements. Review reasons for non-compliance. Your Insurance Agent may need to submit revisions or any missing documents/endorsements.

Certificates of Insurance

Please see the attached PDF for instructions.

Tips for Faster Onboarding

The most common delays with onboarding include incomplete VendorCafe registrations and your agent not submitting your COI promptly to VendorShield.
You can download a copy of your requirements by clicking the COI link below assigned to your category type and send this to your agent ahead of time. Let your agent know that VendorShield will be reaching out to gather this and to have it ready to submit to them via email. If you have any questions regarding this, reach out to your service provider coordinator for help or
Once VendorShield verifies that the correct requirements have been met, the Vendor Management team is notified.
For turns and renovations service providers:
This is the last step for turns and renovations service providers. You will be cc’d on an email notifying the market leadership you are ready for your first job. They will reach out to you to make sure you have all you need to begin our partnership for years to come.
For service providers who provide maintenance services only or all services (maintenance, turns and renovations) on occupied/unoccupied homes:
If you complete maintenance work orders (occupied homes), we use an online platform called FacilGo, which you will be trained on during onboarding. FacilGo is a single channel for you to receive work from FirstKey Homes, communicate through Supplier Messaging, track resident contact, and submit quotes and invoices. There is a fee to use this platform: 1% on completed work orders for 2023, changing to 2% in 2024.
The Service Provider Management team will send you a registration link for the training and all information on FacilGo.
Once training has been completed, you will be cc’d on an email notifying the market leadership you are ready for your first job. They will reach out to you to make sure you have all you need to begin our partnership.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Service Provider with FirstKey Homes!


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