Change Order Process and Escalation Path

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Change Orders (CO)

All change orders to be requested within 48 hours of contract assignment. Once an item has been found that was not on the original scope the Superintendent should be notified of items, schedule a walk to review.  A Superintendent will enter the CO while the General Contractor will need to ensure the CO has been approved, and visible in service provider Café prior to starting any work (this will ensure the CO has been approved and entered so it can be billed against).

If you do not receive a response from the superintendent within 24 hours, the request will need to be escalated to Construction Manager, CC, RCM, SDC. Once work has been completed, please ensure the Superintendent is notified so the completion can be verified.

Escalation Contact


    • Alicia Perez (RCM)
    • Christina Davey (SDC)


    • Ray Gonzales (RCM)
    • Steve Rudd (SDC)


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